Throwback Thursday: Simon in Old Quebec

Simon L'Entrecote St. Jean

After a long road trip from Toronto, we finally made it to the walled city of Old Quebec.  It was beautiful. Entrancing. There was an air of arrogance, which I found sexy.  But we were tired.  We were famished.  And the joy we had of reconnecting as friends when I flew in day ago had turned into crankiness and annoyance.

Although exhausted, we had energy to debate on the first few restaurant choices.  Then I found one – L’Entrecote St. Jean, mainly because of an available table by the window, which I requested and got.  It was the first moment that I realized invoking that I was visiting from California and it was my first time in Quebec City could grant me some leverage.

The manager welcomed us warmly, sat us down, and then Simon came.  Before he was even able to uncork the bottle of California wine I selected, the world was glorious again.  Beauty brought healing once more.

Simon was exhausted having worked a long shift, but he was still very attentive.  There wasn’t a moment when we had to ask for anything because he anticipated and responded to each of our dining needs.


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