South Coast Winery’s Mustang-Strong Syrah

When two good looking, well-dressed, and charming guys visit a winery together, it is almost inevitable for them to be mistakenly identified as a romantic couple.  Such was what happened when my brother-in-law and I went tasting at South Coast Winery in Temecula. While we were taking pictures, we constantly got asked, especially by adoring women if we wanted our picture together. This prompted my brother-in-law, whose chromosomes are saturated with the machismo of his heritage, to constantly preface each interaction with, “This is my brother-in-law…” It probably didn’t help that I am such a light weight and I get so giggly and red, especially after a few glasses of reds.

Of the many generous pours we enjoyed, the Wild Horse Peak Syrah was my favorite. It was an added treat to see the label strongly exhibit a wild mustang with avery masculine color scheme.  As if to continue the air of masculinity, its bouquet asserts itself immediately by making its seemingly mild, yet defined alcohol apparent while exuding a very straightforward vanilla scent. This Syrah teases the taste buds with a little hint of flamboyant fruit pucker by mid-palate.  Then it finishes with a basketful of dark berries and vanilla strongly held together by galloping muscular tannins.  If you are male, I assure you that your chest hair will be thicker after after a few glasses of this wine.

Syrah | 2008
Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyards
South Coast Winery, Temecula
30.00 | Purchased at the winery

South Coast Syrah

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