Bordeaux for the Downton Abbey Finale

Since Downton Abbey first aired in 2010, I thought it would be appropriate to pair the show’s finale with a 2010 Bordeaux.  I will soon post my wine impressions, but for now, it’s all about the show:

Julian Fellowes did not disappoint.  The Downton Abbey finale was marvelously packed with witty dialogue, engrossing scenes, and happy tear-jerking moments, which reminded us why we have fallen in love with this British period soap opera since its birth in 2010.

I was initially afraid that another tragedy will strike – another death, explosion, or perhaps some great social scandal will ruin things, like they always have in the past; for the sheer drama of it.  It didn’t happen this time, and instead happy endings stretched for everyone, well, maybe not completely for Carson, who started exhibiting a career-ending physical condition. For everyone else – there was an abundance of redemption, love, and success in career and other life ventures.  The most heartwarming twist of events fell upon Edith, who was consistently in all six seasons the most tragic of them all.  In this final episode, she defied her very own words1 and ended the show with the grandest of all the happy endings: true unconditional love, royal riches, a successful and groundbreaking career; and the most glorious wedding of them all.

There was resolve.  There was hope.  There were giggles and tears – from the show and from me2. The show shamelessly concluded with a typical Hollywood ending, and I loved every moment of it.

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2010 Bordeaux for the Downton Abbey finale.

2010 Bordeaux for the Downton Abbey finale.

  1. “I’m a spinster, aren’t I, and spinsters live alone.”
  2. Yes, I’m a softy… but I could also blame it on the bottle of Bordeaux I almost single-mouthedly finished.

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