First Bordeaux of the Year

As a Californian who previously exclusively drank California wines, French wines were not part of the usual members of my drinking repertoire. This year, I intend to diversify the geographical source of the wines I drink, and I particularly would like to drink more French wines. ¬†Yesterday’s Downton Abbey finale became the perfect excuse1 opportunity to visit my local wine shop and get a bottle of Bordeaux for the show.

Could Bordeaux start smoky
In the midst of bursts of plum and cherry?
Could it also flow with pepper
And sultry like the summer.

This wine brings the French earth into your mouth with well rounded, apparent fruit, and a smooth glide that tapers into full bodied tannins that stick like a chalky coating. ¬†Just like its tannins, its scent lingers to make you remember that French wine is essential in one’s life.

Bordeaux (Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon-Petit Verdot)
Chateau Branas | Grand Poujeaux
2010 | Moulis

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa serenades with pre-show Bordeaux.

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa serenades with pre-show Bordeaux.

  1. As if I needed one.

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