Chenin Blanc for the First Day of Spring

St. Rey CheninThis Chenin Blanc ushers in
My first day of Spring.
Lovely, grown-up lemonade.

Its rustic citrus flavors
Perk-up my palate
Colors roses on my cheeks.

My still lethargic body
Left behind in winter’s extra hour
Awakens to the rainy burgeoning of Spring
And to a prompt to celebrate
The new season’s poetic exultations.

Eli Med
160320 | SMF

For the first day of Spring, I decided to sacrifice cheerfully open my last bottle of 2013 St. Rey Chenin Blanc to accompany a lunch of light salad and canapes; and balcony gardening.  Since last year, Chenin Blanc has joined my line-up of favorite local whites.  Its high acidity and rustic citrus notes perfectly accentuate light salads, Asian dishes, and other sweet and sour-flavored food.  I have paired it with lemon bars, too.

Chenin Blanc | 2013
Sutter Ranch Vineyard | Clarksburg
St. Rey Wines | 50.00
Accolades:  2014 SF Chronicle Top 100 Wines

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