Food and Wine Journal: Easter Weekend in LA — Saturday

I didn’t want to risk oversleeping and missing my flight, so I stayed awake since the day before until I boarded my 5:40 AM flight to Los Angeles.  I dressed comfortably in my comfort travel ensemble – J. Crew sweater and stadium pants and Cole Haan shoes.  I didn’t bring favorite wines in my luggage, so I could just hop in and out of the plane with my carry on.

SMF headless bathroom selfie because my eyes looked scary. | J. Crew and Cole Haan ensemble.

SMF headless selfie because my eyes looked scary.

I used to travel tremendously for work, and although I miss having elite flight and hotel status, I do not miss living off my suitcase.  Now, when I travel, it is purely for leisure, and it is always a treat seeing a familiar friend, the leaping Red Rabbit of Terminal B. I had eight Southwest Airlines drink coupons in my wallet, but I didn’t have even one sip of on-board libations; It was too early for me to drink, and my focus was to get a quick plane nap, as soon as I sat down, anyway.

Leap, aka, "Red Rabbit" by Lawrence Argent | Sacramento International Airport

Leap, aka, “Red Rabbit” by Lawrence Argent | Sacramento International Airport

My plane landed a few minutes earlier than scheduled, so I got in a long line to Starbucks.  I debated if I should skip the coffee and get some sleep after being picked-up, but I didn’t want to be so lethargic.  I mean, what if I meet a cute military personnel while I’m waiting 1; I didn’t want to be too dull to engage in conversation.  So Venti Triple Caramel Machiatto it was! 20 minutes after, I was sipping on my latte.  Whether it was the latte, my magnetic charisma, or just pure serendipity, I did meet a cute and really nice Air Force (and physical trainer) guy 2 while we were both waiting for our rides.

Before noon, and after a quick music rehearsal 3, we were at my Aunt’s surprise 50th Birthday celebration.  It was a lovely bright corner banquet room, and the white linen magnified the stream of light flowing through the panoramic windows; It was the restaurant’s most scenic banquet room. While waiting for the celebrant, my brother-in-law ordered a carafe of red wine sangria for half 4 of our table.  During the gluttonous lunch, my cousin ordered a bottle of a Coppola red blend, which I didn’t get to photo-document. But here’s the sangria:

Red Wine Sangria | Coco Palm Hill

Red Wine Sangria | Coco Palm Hill

Vanity Fair spread.

Vanity Fair spread.

After the party, my sister and I decided we needed some spa time; so to a local Asian spa we went for some mani-pedi and massage.  I was starting to get casting calls as Frodo Baggins’ feet double, so this foot spa time was really needed.  The ladies took care of me really well:

Where is my sparkling wine?

Where is my sparkling wine?

Then it was Easter Vigil Dinner at Fleming’s.  My sister was in charge of the festivities itinerary, but she didn’t make reservations.  So at like, 4:00 PM, after the nail spa, I was on a mission to find a table. Our usual Beverly Hills location didn’t have openings until 10:00 PM, so I got an 8:45 PM table at a semi-private section at the LA Live location.

Sophora Sparkling Rose | Fleming's LA Live

Sophora Sparkling Rose | Fleming’s LA Live

We normally start with Prosecco or Cava, but I decided to switch our welcome wine to a New Zealand Sparkling Rose.  It was a good shift, and paired well with the bread and first course (salad).  Here are some tasting notes.

Stop and smell the Cabernet | Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon | Fleming's LA Live

Stop and smell the Cabernet | Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon | Fleming’s LA Live

Then it was time to for a meal red, and since we all ordered steaks, I decided on a Tom Gore Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon.  It was the best value for a good, approachable wine.

Creme de la creme brulee | Flemings LA Live |

Creme de la creme brulee | Flemings LA Live |

For dessert, I deviated from the popular lava cake and ordered creme brulee, instead.  It was a delicious deviation from the norm.

  1. This has happened before
  2. I told you so!
  3. My godmother had asked me to serenade the celebrant
  4. The other half were these millennials who gave these weird vibes.

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