Fortified Friday: Dear Fonseca

Fonseca port

We met her at dinner
Six months before summer
When winter’s California chill
Touched bare bronze shoulders with its shrill
Heat lamps and faux fur fought with the cold
But her juice – dark, perky, and bold
Warmed from within and seeped through the heart
And since then, we could never ever be taken apart.

It was the first night we met our dear Fonseca.

Eli Med | SMF
Instant poetry three years in the making.

Fonseca’s Ruby port remains to be one of my favorite fortified wines.  I do enjoy the special quality of vintage port, but there’s a certain ease in how ruby port fits into my daily life.  I like how its vibrant, youthful, and intensely fruity aroma and flavor bring a sense of versatility.  I have often drank ruby port as an aperitif, a companion to some spicy dishes, and naturally, on its own or paired with desserts and cheeses.

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