Wine Country Black Tie Dinner Party: Attire Inspiration

Met Ball Dream Couple | Harper's Bazaar

Met Ball Dream Couple | Harper’s Bazaar

Envision a special night
When we light a thousand candles
And a wine river flows
To celebrate a new life
For boy turned to man
In search of wine and wisdom.

Eli Med
160410 | SMF

Last Fall, I decided that I wanted to have a grand birthday celebration in January.  This decision was out of the ordinary.  Most past birthdays have gone without a celebration, mostly by choice. This year marks a remarkable age, and so leading to it, I decided that I wanted to have a beautiful dinner party with an intimate group of family and friends.  I wanted it to be in Wine Country, initially envisioning to be among the vines lit by candles, accent lighting, and fireflies; ok, not fireflies.  I realized an outdoor setting will not work: It will be chilly in January (especially for Californians) and the vines will be bare, anyway.  I still wanted it to be elegant and in an indoor setting filled with flowers, candles, and naturally, overflowing wine. I wanted to dress-up in a blue or purple designer tux, and I wanted my guests to be dressed as if they were to attend the Met Ball or a red carpet event. Most of all, I wanted the celebration to be filled with love, laughter, and occasional tears of joy.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Leading to it, I created a Pinterest storyboard1 of inspirations, so I could collect some visual examples of what I had envisioned.   Since I did not have past experience articulating a vision for my own party, it became a bit difficult to communicate what I wanted to family members who are the usual celebrants and center of attention. This lead to some dramatic planning moments. Clarity of vision helps in calming dramatic moments.

Vanity Fair Visions

Vanity Fair Visions

Visiting locations is very important, too; and it is imperative that you must be there. Another imperative: planning ahead of time and scheduling appointments with location event planners. It is a beautiful, but stressful process; so have wine, have LOTS of wine.

  1. This is very important.  Family and friends who are planning your party are not mind readers; and they may not intimately know what you really want. Most of the time, too, as articulate as you may be in other circles, it may be harder to communicate with family; This was the particular struggle I encountered.

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