Airport Fine Dining

SMF Esquire Grill

On rare occasions, I have extra time to spare before I board a flight.  This normally happens when I make it to the airport in anticipation of an on-time flight, and then an unexpected delay confronts me.  So I take my time and fine dine at my favorite Sacramento International Airport (SMF) restaurant – the Esquire Grill.

Whenever I fly to Southern California, it is usually for a family event where, more often than not, I become one of the hosts.  This, as fun, as it may be, is stressful – especially since my sisters and I are obsessed with all things beautiful and in the painstaking pursuit of perfecting every single detail.  Additionally, although I have lived in Southern California, I have been for the past eight years, a Northern California resident; and life here is very different: More peaceful, the pace is slower, and beautiful natural environments are so much more accessible.  People tend to also be more laid back and down-to-earth.

Now don’t get me wrong: I still love Southern California.  Most of my family and friends are there and I believe LA is still more culturally diverse and embracing.  That being said, I must admit that before I set foot in a plane to LA, it is essential that I have last few quiet, peaceful moments to myself.

For a few years now, The Esquire Grill at SMF has been my favorite airport dining spot.  It has a fantastic bar, great meal choices; and it delivers an upper scale dining experience that the other airport dining options don’t provide.  The service has also, always been fantastic.

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