Palm Springs Weekend: Day 2

PS House Brunch G

When one begins the day in the most beautiful way
The sky turns bluer than before
The clouds fluff-up and rise higher
To capture dreams that floated up to the heavens
And bring them back to earth again.

Eli Med
160528 | Palm Springs

Brunch is our top favorite meal, and what better way to Brunch than in your own poolside backyard.  When the sun shines bright and yoga is done, then it is time to pour the sparkling wine and color it with orange or pineapple juice.  The house, interestingly, did not have sparkling wine flutes, so martini glasses it was! For our mimosas, we normally make them with two types of sparkling wines – a Spumante for the sweet, sweet lovers, and a semi-dry Prosecco for those who prefer to start a touch drier.

PS Tequila

At noon, the beautiful bottle of tequila emerged from its wine jealousy and reclaimed its throne as King of Fun and Giggles.  The amateur that I am, I committed a cardinal sin:  I poured way too little liquid fun in each shot glass.  I overflowingly made up for it on rounds that followed.

PS loungingBy mid-afternoon, the bucket of ice hugs bottles of Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, and one of the remaining four bottles of rare Orange Muscat from San Antonio Winery.  Sister contemplates on life and love.

The Palm before the storm.

My wine glass hides behind the bottle, trying to be beyond my reach as I get some writing done.  I was dead serious regarding two things: 1) Getting some reading and writing done.  2) Showcasing that effects of not working out.  The pink flamingo, however, betrays any sense of seriousness and decency.

PS DinnerDinner comes and salmon asks to be draped in a cloak of herbs.  South Coast whites make an appearance and Robert Mondavi Winery asserts that its Pinot Noir is nothing like other Pinot Noirs you’ve known.

PS Brownies

I have no riches or words of wisdom for my little niece, but taste in food and wine I will bequeath her.  Let us end the night with decadent Paso Port double chocolate brownies and a virgin tray of brownies for the kiddo.

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