Palm Springs Weekend: Last Day’s Verses

I write…

PS Pinot Windmills

Of windmills and of the scorching sun
Of dreams alive and dreams long gone.

PS Champagne

Of long and short farewells made lovelier, more poignant
When bubblies ease the parting pain.

PS Brunch BL

Of family. I love.
And for three seconds hate.
And love again even more.
Forever more.

PS House Sibs

Of family: Lovely and flawed.
But always first to love and lift you up.
Without and with judgement on occasion.
Always with love.
Past.  Present.  And future tense.
Forever more.
PS Last Brunch

Of food. For thought.
Of wine.  For passion.
And for sparkling memory
Of joy we all inhaled and share.

PS Windmills journal

I write to stain these pages
With laughs and heartbreak
With falls and soars.
And leave a hundred pages pure
For future days to write about.

Eli Med
160601 | 160704
Palm Springs | Sacramento

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