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In a few weeks, Sacramento will welcome Food Bloggers for this year’s International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC).  This is Sacramento’s first time as host, and it totally makes sense as Sac Town is the Farm-to-Fork Capital of the United States.  It also makes sense that I attend and embrace this perfect opportunity to debut into the Food Blogger community.  I am excited to attend as a new Blogger and be in the midst of joyful foodies. I look forward to meeting seasoned and other new Bloggers, alike, whose consciousness and living are highly centered on the beauty of food.  I will cherish the feeling of an unspoken understanding of the common inevitability of oftentimes ending-up with cold food after finally getting that almost perfect Blog shot.

Since it’s my first IFBC, I, naturally, will not have tips regarding the conference itself, but as a Sacramento local for the past few years, I have some insight I can share related to the city.

Transportation from Sacramento International Airport
If you have time, walk around for a bit at the airport, especially if you’re flying into Terminal B.  It is one of the most beautiful small airports with superb art and fabulous dining options.  The airport is about 11 miles away from the Hyatt, and I recommend that you take Uber or Lyft.  Depending on the time of the day, you will spend approximately $14-18 to reach downtown Sac.  From my experience, Lyft was a little less expensive than Uber on non-peak hours, and has a lower surcharge on premium hours. Regardless of which ride sharing you prefer, you will significantly save at least half the cost of a cab, and a lot less hassle than taking the Airport Shuttle or renting a car.  If you rent a car, be mindful that it will be costly to park downtown.

The Weather
We are already experiencing high 90’s and three-digit temperature of Sacramento’s dry heat, so it will not be out-of-the-ordinary for the conference days to be scorching, as well.  Fortunately, we will be indoors for the conference times and when it is dinner time, the temperature will be a bit tolerable.  That being said, dress accordingly.  Sacramento is pretty casual, and although during  the week, you will see men and women in formal business attire, especially since the hotel is directly across the street from the State Capitol building, I highly advice to leave the suit, tie, and ballgowns at home and be casual.  Fortunately, we are a community of Foodies and not fashionistas, so I don’t foresee casual, comfortable attire being shunned.  I am confident that since we are all committed to the appreciation of beauty and taste, we will still all look fabulous in casual wear.

Photo by @claudio_vallejo

Hyatt Sacramento’s Amourath 1819 | Photo by @claudio_vallejo

Conference Location and Parking
The Hyatt Regency is one of the premier upper scale hotels in town and located in the heart of Sacramento.  Despite being at city center, accessing it will not be as intimidating as downtown hotels in other cities.  For non-city drivers, don’t worry about the one-way streets that may be intimidating to others; it’s nothing. Downtown Sacramento is very laid back and most drivers are polite and tolerant.  Most rude drivers I have encountered ended-up being from out-of-town.  The hotel parking, like in any other downtown city locations will NOT be inexpensive, so just expect that.  Aside from the hotel parking garage, there will be surrounding Parking Structures.  There will be meters and free two-hour spaces BLOCKS away from the hotel, but unless you would like the lovely interruption of moving your car every couple of hours, I highly recommend that you use the hotel garage or surrounding parking structures.

Photo by @nakedcoffee

Photo by @nakedcoffee

Coffee Culture
The conference may have coffee, but if you are a Starbucks regular, there will be one just right outside the hotel.  This Starbucks, however, charges airport-rate taxes, so if this is a concern, you may want to walk to the Starbucks on 16th & P, where I normally go.  Aside from Starbucks, there are so many small business owned coffee shops around.  Sacramento prides itself with vibrant coffee shops, so you have plenty to choose from.  These are some within walking distance: Temple Coffee, Naked Coffee, Insight Coffee Roasters, and Fluid Espresso Bar.

Block Butcher

Photo by @finewinepoet

Wine and Beer
Within walking distance or a very quick Uber or Lyft ride from the conference location, you could reach many wine bars and brew houses. These are some of my favorites of the ones a few blocks away from the hotel: 58 Degrees & Holding, Co., Block Butcher Bar, The Rind, Downtown & Vine.  These wine bars all serve food and at spectacular quality and value.  Another great gift of having Sacramento as the host city is we are right in the center of so many fabulous Wine Regions – Clarksburg (about twenty minutes away), Amador (an hour away), Apple Hill (about 45 minutes away), Lodi (45 minutes away), and Napa Valley (about an hour and a half away) among others.  Please contact me for particular recommendations in any of these Wine Regions.  Beer culture thrives in Sac Town, too, and these are some of my local picks: University of Beer, Karma Brews, Kupros Craft House, Firestone Public House.

I have so many local favorites and so many of them are of walking distance from the hotel.  They are also mostly (if not all) farm-to-fork and beautifully celebrate the best quality ingredients in whichever cuisine you desire.  I will work on a list of favorites and post them soon. Please contact me if you have any questions.  Here’s a link to the list of restaurants in the Downtown Grid.


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