We Write of Food and Wine for Peace


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In the midst of darkness.  In the midst of despair.
When tears and heartbreak get mixed with the air.
We seek a place where no one will suffer.
We long for endless peace; Black lives matter.

Eli Med
160708 | Sacramento

In the midst of darkness, we write.

As Food and Wine Bloggers, we have a special platform to help us exercise our social responsibility to engage in a dialogue toward peace. For individuals unable to participate in actual peaceful marches, protests, or other live, in-person movement toward change, we have our pens and keyboards as mighty means to participate in peaceful causes.  The pen is mightier than the sword. The pen bleeds of love.  The pen stains indelible marks of peace.  OR the pen could stab or decapitate as a sword does.  It could bleed of hate.  It could stain the world with indelible marks of pain, suffering, and death.  BUT we shall not make such darkness happen.

As Food and Wine Bloggers, we are often consumed with joy, which inevitably reflects in our craft.  There is an inherent quality in food and wine that causes people to be happy and to beautifully connect with others.  As Bloggers in this community, we are often blessed with intimate encounters with fabulous food and fine wine.  When we write about such glorious moments, we share joy into the world and we participate in a dialogue toward peace; toward positive change.

They say the stomach is the way to [one’s] heart.  I assert that it is also the way toward love and peace.

How I wish that we could all sit down as brothers and sisters, in all our diverse colors, beliefs, traditions, and philosophies, and share the most marvelous spread of food; Share the most heavenly wine and beer; And drink lots of water to cleanse us all and return the purity of kinship.  Food has that ability to unite and nourish weary souls.  Wine restores truth, lightness, and laughter. They are agents of peace.

I’m a Food and Wine Blogger.  I’m no Gandhi.  I’m no Dalai Lama.  I’m no Pope Francis.  But, I, too, long for peace; and I aim to inspire positive social change through poetic rendezvous with glorious food and wine.

Saints and sinners, alike, unite in the midst of great food and wine.  So shall divided communities.

So shall a divided nation.

Post Script:
Your heart is stone or you live under a stone, if you are unaffected or unmoved by the recent troubling murders in Orlando, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Baghdad, and Dallas.  I oftentimes feel helpless.  I often feel that my writings are silly, especially in the context of global change toward peace.  Tonight, after a reflective dinner and encountering a protest at the State Capitol, I realized that there is value in writing about food and wine.  There is sense and power with the poetry.  There is hope to inspire change through this Blog.

I look forward to meeting other Bloggers later this month at the International Food Blogger’s Conference.  Together we will transcend what may have been a simple celebration of food and wine into something profound, relevant, and inspirational toward peace.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. This is the premise of my food blog too – that the world could be a better place if we all sat down to a good meal together and listened to what the other has to say. Food can do that. It can. Share a meal with someone you don’t know – of a different race or culture – open your heart, your ears and your door to one another. Maybe we can meet at the IFBC. I’m looking forward to it too. Thanks for this post.

  2. miód manuka says:


    thank You for this post.
    I have just shared finewinepoet.com on my facebook.
    What do You think about Brexit? Is it good for Britain?


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