Quick Sterling Winery Excursion – Photo Highlights

When I visit Napa Valley, I can’t help but dream – that I am beautiful, fit, and charming.  I am a male model with rock hard abs.  I am adored by men and women.  And then I realize that there is no need to dream, for I am all those.  I think, therefore, I am; thank you Descartes.  Thank you, wine.

Last weekend, I went to Napa Valley to meet longtime friends Angela and Teri who I haven’t seen since my birthday in January; and Kristy who I have not seen since high school.  Even if we felt like no years were lost between us, we compensated for the years apart with laughter.

There were new friends met along the way, too.  This usually happens when you’re a model.

On the gondola ride to Sterling Vineyards’ tasting room, Kristy catches a glimpse of Castello de Amorosa, and is reminded of charming princes waiting for the blessing of her smile.

When the gondola ride ends, the promise of fine wine begins.

The first glass of wine shared among friends is always celebratory.  The ones that follow – revealatory1.

I dressed casually but when red carpet moments call, you respond wholeheartedly.

Don’t let their innocent looks fool you.  They are deadly.

The Fine Wine Poet’s journals chronicle the most salacious adventures in Wine Country.  Some make them in print; most are reserved for private tasting.  By invitation only.

We must open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.
Angela, are you listening?

The angle is unflattering, but the sentiments are.

Sweatshop of laughter.
Maybe not an appropriate caption for a group of Asians and a lone Russian.

It is time for the Chardonnay cheers.

Our energy could brighten up even the saddest cheese plate.
And a sad, lazy customer service.  Yes, I said it.

A panoramic scenery always captivates.

Sterling Vineyards, I shall return for a reinvented experience.

  1. revealing is the proper word.

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