Wine and Style: Cruise Wedding Edition

Last week, after some glances1 at the mirror and many photographs, I remembered my classic post-college slogan: Look great. Feel great. Do great things for the world.

They say true beauty is found within; but I say true beauty must also be reflected outward and shared to inspire other beautiful things. Sometimes2, one has to work on outside beauty first, to inspire beauty within3.  This could be accomplished easily:  Groom yourself.  Wear clothes that are clean, fit well, and appropriate for the event/destination. Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate.

Feel great about yourself.  I often tell myself, “Damn, you look good” after liking what I see in the mirror.  Or I say, “Gross” and then I change.  It could be a trial and error, especially for those of us who have to make a little more effort than others 4; but it’s doable.  It is not impossible.

Then, looking and feeling great, do great things – for yourself, for others, for the world.


Product Placement:

The Wine
Bernardus Winery’s Marinus
This 2009 Vintage escorted us to dinner and accompanied our introductory conversations.

Ray Ban Justin Classic
I have, sadly, not taken care of them as well I should have and they are now scratched.  I wonder if I could have the lenses replaced.

Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Damier Graphite
This is beyond my budget and was a gift from my sister.  I love this luggage and would love to have more from the Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection.

Calvin Klein X-Fit Navy Solid Slim-Fit
Who knew I would still fit into my Calvin Klein slim-fit suit.  My favorite interview and wedding suit.  The vest adds bulk, so I rarely wear it as a complete ensemble.

Express Fitted Dot Print Blue Dress Shirt
I did not have breakfast before dressing, and so I was able to button up this nice navy blue dress shirt.  Express is one of my top favorite for dress shirts for work and play.

Alfani Pre-tied Printed Bowtie
I believe the actual bowtie I was wearing is now sold out, but the link is to a similar but not exact print and another color.

Alfani Navy Oxfords
I could not find the link to the same kind I wore, but this is from the same brand and a similar style.

  1. Ok, they were more like, long, admiring narcissistic stares.
  2. This is mostly true when there is already the presence of inner beauty and confidence
  3. I’m sure some “experts” will disagree.
  4. I have often mildly envied those who wake up and look like they just came from a GQ or Vogue photoshoot.

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