Eat, Drink, Love: Steak and Wine with Connie

A few weeks ago, Connie returned to Sacramento for work training and for our second annual Fall Wine Country shenanigans. This year, we ventured into Lodi and Apple Hill Wine Country, for more rustic adventures.  The weekend wine adventures concluded, and for our last dinner date, we decided to make steak at my apartment and pair it with a really dark wine.  Little did we know that the rubbery steak Connie made1 would be the test of our almost 10-year friendship.


Connie and I met at work about a decade ago in one of the most horrible work environments known to mankind2.  Out of that shared experience of work injustices and petty drama, we survived with humor and our own individual craziness that has strengthened us. Through the years, she has remained as one of my closest friends with whom I am able to speak with about everything without judgment.  Connie and I always have fun times together, and laughter often rings out whenever we are together.  The bond of laughter got us through our most horrible experience as friends – the toughest steak known to man.


I decided to pair my last bottle of Mourvedre with dinner, and it was perfect because Connie has never had a Mourdedre before.  The past few years, her cocktail flavored palate has evolved and has developed an appreciation for wine.  She started, naturally, with Moscato and still has an affinity for sweet wines, but she is very open minded and has started to enjoy red wine, as well.

The Berghold Vineyards Mourvedre we uncorked exuded classic attributes of the varietal – dark, deep, and delicious.  Although it was young and could mature more into a deeper state, it was still brooding as the classic Mourvedres I have tasted.  The juice was the perfect distraction from Connie’s detestable steak and could have been the a significant friendship redemptrix.



  1. After claiming that she is a good cook and has raised four daughters without poisoning them
  2. Ok, that’s probably offensive to people who have experienced work conditions in China or North Korea, but it was pretty bad.

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