Of Wine and Men: Olivier

I parted with another beating piece
Of my ever-fascinated heart
Two autumn quarters’ past, in Old Quebec.
Amidst the textured cobblestones of blue
A hundred twenty steps before the church;
A throbbing piece of passion’s flesh I lay.

[Today], I age; my storied beauty fades.
This timely tragedy invites his name:
Celestial sphere’s Olivier descends
Delivers exultation to my veins.
He hides his wings and cloaks me with embrace
He bites my lips and bleeds my sins away
He drenches me with his eternal youth
Wine for thy vigor and vitality.

We float in feathers momentarily
And when he senses youthfulness restored
He flaps his wings back toward dancing skies
The angel parts with promise to return:
Revive my aging body ever more.

Eli Med
170123 | 2253
170213 | 1709

There are moments when inspiration strikes, and re-strikes (as it does today); to refine the unchecked meter of free flowing poetry and replenish an aching vocabulary.

The moment of inspiration features Petite Sirah from Bogle Vineyards, in Clarskburg Wine Country.  It is a perfect introduction to the duality of heaven and earth that a local winery brings.

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