Earth Day Verses

The Earth is my Mother and I pay homage to Her:
For every single sight of beauty;
For every single sensation of bliss;
For every single slice of joy she lays upon my lips.
I am an all imperfect,
But ever grateful son. Of Mother Earth.
And of her man. Or woman.

Eli Med
170422 . 1145
Sacramento, California

On Earth Day, I stay home, reduce my carbon footprint, and reflect on my role in preserving the only Mother Earth we will ever know.  It is a personal reflection, just like belief in a supernatural being or force; except for the Earth is completely tangible and and its connecttion to all our senses is not just theoretical. Intertwined with our consciousness from the very moment of our conception.  Just like with any birth, the child departs the womb and steps into the world of perceived independence, neglecting that independence is a fantasy and that the ever-enduring reality is that we are perpetually dependent on nature. And we have a responsibility to preserve and protect her.

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