Getting to know Bordeaux: Chateau Feret-Lambert, 2014

Transport me far away
From the grasp of sleepless nights
And from the loneliness of when I thirst of you.
On a night when unfamiliar jazz penetrates my heart
To stab it with rhythmic mockery;
You need to set me free.

Eli Med

A rim of ruby accents a regal garnet colored juice, and a scent of ripe fruit pairs with that of mild alcohol.  It smoothly flows and touches the palate with elegance unexpected from its youth.  This heavily Merlot-based Bordeaux will mesmerize you.

Chateau Feret-Lambert
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
2014 Vintage, 14% Alc.

Getting To Know Bordeaux is a personal project to drink more and become familiar with Bordeaux wines.  For some years, I avoided French wines and pledged to mainly drink California wines.  I have surrendered to the allure of the French, and have professed to experience and enjoy French wines more.  With Bordeaux I begin this new journey.

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