Sands on my Feet: Musings from Huntington Beach

After college, lived five minutes away from the ocean and I remember walking or riding my bike toward the beach after work every single day. I would linger to walk or bike along the shore or just sit and meditate on the sand until the sunset kissed my tired legs.  I then moved to Sacramento, and for almost a decade now, I have lived in a quiet1 city tucked in the midst of a valley. I love the calm charm of Sacramento, but I frequently miss the ocean.

In the midst of racially-charged national discord, I reflect on how the beach welcomes everyone and brings tranquility without regard to who you are.  As the waves rush to shore with unbelievable force, they eventually dissipate with respect for the beach.  As an immigrant and as a naturalized citizen, the calm of the beach offers solace that the tumultuous waters of division and hate will eventually subside, and that the beauty and integrity of the beach will continue to welcome those who rush to its refuge.

Those who reach the beach
Shall have their thirst quenched
With sustenance and understanding
That defies color or creed.
Their flight from fear-filled soil
Shall lead them into new shimmering sands
Reflective of dreams and opportunities
In a newfound home.

Eli Med
170821 | Sacramento

  1. This is, of course, relative.

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