Bard of Paradise, Part III

I smell the stones and flowers
On my glass of garnet glimmer 
And I feel the elevation
Gently cradling my languid soul
With art, with wine, with wonder
To exorcise the beast away
And bring the artist home.

Bard of Paradise, Part III

Eli Med

Physical beauty does not shield from nature‚Äôs fury; but its essence survives eternally, especially in memory.  To pair with a recurring disbelief that Paradise Ridge Winery has burned, I honor the estate and wines with images and verses reminiscent of how the winery has affected my life and those of others.

In 2014, I lost a job that meant the world to me.  I was distraught and lost. To refresh my spirit and to help move a hundred thousand items from my office, my sister drove up non-stop (with an angry bladder) from Los Angeles.  She then took me to the entrancing estate of Paradise Ridge to inspire the beginning of a mini-sabbatical toward a more vibrant life.  Now my life is filled with incredible people, tantalizing travel, and the glorious omnipresence of fabulous food and wine.

It is impossible not to be emotional about losing something so powerfully connected to significant moments in life, but it helps to heal with positive thoughts and happy memory.

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