2017 Reflections: Tales of Winter

The year begins with a colorful celebration of life’s entrancing mosaic and shall continue to piece together a grand pathway to the stars tiled with pieces of moments that could define us. There shall be bliss. There will be somber moments, too, beyond our control. But what remains within our control is the choice to be open, positive, and embracing to life’s beauty and the glorious people that bring light and love into our lives.

I have been so incredibly busy in 2017 and have, from time to time, semi-vanished from social media. I would like to thank family, faithful friends, and new friends I met in 2017 for blessing me with the wonders of their existence and the transformative nature of human connection.

I pay homage to Grandpa, who now is among the stars of the heavens, where one only experiences beauty and bliss. Let us be kind to one another and celebrate every opportunity to breathe in joy and share it with others, too; for we are mortals and there comes a time when the last breath shall be exhaled. For now, live. Mabuhay!

Twenty-Seventeen Reflections
The time to write did not arrive until last weekend, when I finally had free alone time to collect and compose my thoughts and recapture tales of the previous year. Hour after hour, I waited, then searched for inspiration; prompted it by cleaning my place, listening to his music and my own, and exploring where fresh brisk air blows. I had forgotten that what I truly needed was my traditional refuge – silence and solitude to hear the words from my heart.

I write from memories embedded at the core of my being of a past year sprinkled with dew of occasional heartbreak, and drenched more frequently with torrential pours of joy: when I traveled to cities of my dreams; when I sipped on soul-sustaining wines; when my mouth quivered with captivation on glorious food; and when I shared these tantalizing moments with family, faithful friends, and new fellowships – all knowingly and unknowingly shaping the spectacular tale of the previous year.

In seasonal servings, I shall share:  Winter is coming.

Winter Has Come
Twenty-seventeen began with a bountiful table in my apartment with my past and my future: Auntie and Brooklyn. Auntie took care of me up to my teenage years, and Brooklyn shall take care of me when I am old.1 I have often referenced Auntie as the fundamental fountain of my love for all things beautiful; and the inspiration for my strife to be a compassionate and giving human being. My sisters and I were fortunate to have convinced her to return to the United States for a holiday and celebrate her 84th birthday as part of the year’s beginning.

The year’s first heartbreak manifested at the intimate soiree to celebrate Auntie’s special day: two uninvited family members chose to succumb to the lure of the Leviathan and cause a scene. This did not define our celebration, but it did re-define family relations, and revealed that blood does not always lead to trust and faithfulness.

Winter froze hearts in the workplace, too, and I found myself the focus of hostility from above the chain and from below. This, unexpectedly, has brought more agony to my back and has magnified the turmoil of sleepless nights. But work is now only one aspect of my life, and a beautiful world exists outside of the workplace.

The rest of winter was whimsical: With Auntie and with wine. With wonderful new friends; and with visions of reconnecting with familiar friends in unfamiliar places in the Spring.

Stay tuned for the wonders of Spring.

  1. She doesn’t know this yet.

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2 Responses

  1. Monica says:

    Your Auntie is beautiful and I can see where you got your elegance from! 😉 Thank you for sharing a bit more of your personal life. Looking forward to hearing more. And looking forward to spending more time with my friend in 2018 🙂 Salud! xo

    • finewinepoet says:

      Thank you, Monica, especially for encouraging me to pursue this reflective pursuit and publish it. As you know, the process itself is transformative and essential for growth. We shall spend more time together in 2018! Cheers and Mabuhay!

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