About Me

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Hello and thank you for visiting my Blog.

As you may have guessed, I love wine and food, and all adventures that come along with them.  These adventures often manifest as poetic strings of words. Most are good, some not-so-good; but all from the heart.

I used to think that this is just another silly Wine and Food Blog, but recent reflections have lead me to believe that there is a special purpose for my poetry and prose:  To inspire positive transformation and contribute toward the dialogue toward social change.  Through the joy that wine and food brings, I hope to inspire people to share food, wine, and great conversations. Through these connections, I envision warmth, laughter, and truth to be shared, and then eventually, understanding, love, and peace.

If you’re local or will visit Sacramento (where I work and live), San Francisco (two hours away), Los Angeles (my other home), or California, in general, please let me know and we shall share a great meal, some sips (or gulps) of great wine, and wonderful conversation.

Stay connected and thanks again for visiting.  Cheers!